Hoop Tape-The Three Categories You Need To Understand

metallic hoop tape from buytape.comTape used for hoop decorating is divided into three distinct categories. Each has a different set of performance parameters and knowing how they differ will give you the best results when you get ready to complete your personal design.

Vinyl tapes-Smooth and stretchy and the easiest to use
Vinyl tapes come in lots of colors, are easy to fit to irregular shapes and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Cloth tapes-Commonly known as gaffers tape, cloth tapes are made from woven cotton fibers and they have texture that give your hoop some “grip. They are available in lots of colors and several widths.

Metallic tapes-Shiny mylar tape with peel off paper backing create the most impressive hoop designs, but are the most difficult to manipulate and the most expensive.



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